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Here are our beautiful Razzlin girls Ella,her daughter Liza and on the left,Liza's Goldendoodle daughter Dora.

The girls all live in the house with us as part of the family and enjoy daily walks in the beautiful local countryside. They also love meeting other dogs when they go on the morning walk by the river near our home in Essex. 

We enjoy nothing more than all going out together and meeting up with other owners & their dogs that we have bred in the past. 

We believe in giving our puppies the very best start in life so they are handled,loved and adored from birth and are socialised daily to ensure they are well balanced and confident.



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We have bred many litters of golden retrievers in recent years but in 2012 we decided to also breed miniature goldendoodles and so our first litters were born in early 2013.

Miniature goldendoodles are becoming more popular in the U.K. and are much sought after, so here at Razzlin we strive to breed the very best,using top quality health tested stud dogs.

We breed the red/cream/apricot/champagne colour pallet.

We always have a long waiting list for our very special puppies so if you are interested in welcoming this unique breed into your life, please contact us for an informal chat anytime!

We believe our doodles deserve the very best so they only go to carefully selected homes.  

Welcome to our family!

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